My name is Shelby Flowers and I am an artist born and raised in Texas. I attended The University of Texas at Austin where I received my BFA in 2019. I am now working as a full time artist. 

My art is inspired by the things that fascinate me, which is everything. I am fascinated by the ruins in Rome but I am also fascinated by how Waffle-House makes my All Star Special perfect every damn time. I enjoy photographing the world around me and then looking back on those photos and seeing what images/memories I want to reference but re-create in a new way. One day I want to paint a butt-crack in a Dairy Queen parking lot and the next I want to paint a landscape referencing climate change. I have a wide variety of interests and fascinations, and my art definitely represents that. 

One of my very favorite artist's in the whole wide world is Lawrence Weiner. He is profound. He creates minimal yet powerful things. And he puts energy out in the world that needs to be felt, acknowledged, and noticed. One of my favorite quotes from him is "In my work, it's simultaneously realities, instead of parallel. Simultaneous avoids the problem of alternate reality. In parallel reality, there's always a hierarchy, and there doesn't necessarily have to be a hierarchy. When you're in a place like Blenheim, you're supposed to be in awe - why not be in awe of something different than the stuff they're showing you? It's about finding your own existential place."

Heck yeah Lawrence. Touché. 

Welp. I hope this tells you a little but about who I am as an artist.